Our Rental Inventory

City Crane rents cranes from 10-100 tons to fit any job you have. We offer 24 hour service, 365 days a year. Daily, weekly or monthly rates "with" and "without" operator are available. We also offer "rental purchase" agreements.

City Crane utilizes the latest in computer-aided dispatching and maintenance scheduling to ensure that your equipment is delivered on time and ready to work. Complete rigging and transportation services are also available along with rigging sales to ensure your project requirements are met safely. Check out the specifications of the cranes that are available below.

> Manufacturer > Year > Type > Subtype Crane model > Capacity sort icon > Status
Terex 2000 Miscellaneous Other TS25RT 1Tons For Rental
Terex 2002 Miscellaneous Other SP-2010 1Tons For Rental
Terex 2003 Miscellaneous Other TX-750 1Tons Both (sale & rental)
Terex 2006 Miscellaneous Other GTH-1048 5Tons For Rental
National 2009 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted 800D 23Tons Both (sale & rental)
National 2013 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted 890D 23Tons Both (sale & rental)
National 2009 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted 13110A 30Tons Both (sale & rental)
Terex 2000 Telescoping crane Rough Terrain RT230 30Tons For Rental
Terex 2002 Telescoping crane Rough Terrain RT230XL 30Tons Both (sale & rental)
National 2008 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted 14110 33Tons Both (sale & rental)
Terex 2005 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted T-340 40Tons Both (sale & rental)
National 2014 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted NBT45 45Tons Both (sale & rental)
National 2012 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted NBT-50 50Tons Both (sale & rental)
Terex 2001 Telescoping crane Rough Terrain RT555 55Tons For Rental
Terex 2006 Telescoping crane Rough Terrain RT555-1 55Tons For Rental
Terex 2008 Telescoping crane Rough Terrain RT555-1 55Tons Both (sale & rental)
Terex 2008 Telescoping crane Truck Mounted T560-1 60Tons For Rental
Terex 2007 Telescoping crane All Terrain AC80-2 100Tons For Rental